Revolution Control Tactics - Control Based Ground Combatives

Revolution Control Tactics - Control Based Ground Combatives


Back by popular demand, Midwest Tactical Systems is offering the one of a kind 'Revolution Control Tactics' course. This is an in-depth ground combatives course that will provide officers with the foundation for understanding the police ground fighting mission (vs. grappling). Emphasis will be on avoiding and escaping from bad positions and maintaining dominant control of a subject. 

Topics Include:

Principles of leverage


Counter Ambush Tactics

LE Specific Ground Fighting

Weapon protection

Choke Escapes

Maintaining Dominant Control Over an Aggressive Subject


The course is moderately physically demanding and is taught through lecture, demonstration, static, dynamic and environmental drills. Participants will experience high reputations of street proven tactics, first in a static environment, then more dynamic and then in a realistic environment. 

This Course is Approved by the MN POST Board

When: TBD

Where:  TBD

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