Modern Police Combatives - Arrest & Control Instructor Certification (Winter 2021)

Modern Police Combatives - Arrest & Control Instructor Certification (Winter 2021)


Midwest Tactical Systems' Arrest & Control Instructor Certification

(Winter 2021)

Our one-of-a-kind instructor certification course is back! Participants will learn arrest and control tactics that have high degrees of reliability on the street and under acute stress. Participants will not only learn when, why and how to to utilize these effective tactics, but also how to present and teach others within their departments. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an instructor certification in the system, allowing them to instruct the curriculum for a period of three years.  

Topics Include:

  • Legal updates & review regarding reasonable use of force
  • Proper Handcuffing & searching techniques
  • De-escalation with tactics
  • Take downs to controlled positions
  •  LE ground combatives & control
  • Weapon protection
  • Counter ambush tactics
  • Teaching methodologies designed to assist new and experienced instructors alike to help their students succeed.
  • Much more...

Who should attend?...

  • New and seasoned Use of Force/Combatives instructors.
  • Reality Based Training Instructors.
  • Officers seeking to better their understanding of police use of force and who wish to become a certified instructor.

This is a physically demanding course instructed through lecture, video dissection, physical demonstrations and drills. Participants can expect high level of repetitions of taught techniques, as well as, static, dynamic and environmental drills to solidify techniques and tactical concepts.

If you're seeking to sharpen your tactical edge, better yourself as an instructor and help keep your partners safer...This course is for you!


Where: Flint Hills Resources 

12730 Pine Bend Trail, Rosemount, MN 55068

When: January 25-29, 2021

For More Info Contact: 

(952) 292-2304