Hotel Interdiction
Hotel Interdiction
Hotel Interdiction

Hotel Interdiction

Midwest Tactical Systems is once again hosting it's one of a kind Hotel Interdiction course.

Minnesota has become a significant hub for the distribution of illegal narcotics in the Midwest. Those involved in the drug trade habitually use hotels to conduct their illicit business, and vehicles to transport their poison.

From major drug traffickers to petty users, hotels are utilized for short duration's of stay where criminals do their damage and move on to the next stop.

Criminals involved with drugs, firearms, financial crime, human trafficking and fugitives are staying at hotels in your area of responsibility and are frequently overlooked by law enforcement.

This course will train anyone in law enforcement, from new patrol officers to seasoned detectives how to identify, and interdict criminals while they are in transport or staying at hotels utilizing proven and legally defensible interdiction techniques.

If you're not actively attempting to interdict criminals while at their most vulnerable, you're missing significant opportunities to make our communities safer.

Course topics include:

-  Consensual encounters focusing on hotel and vehicle interdiction including roadside searches and knock and talks.

-  Current drug trends from Mexico to Minneapolis including transport corridors and distribution hubs in between.

- Step by step instruction from the identification of offenders to report writing, to courtroom testimony including video of knock and talks

- Legal review and case law specific to hotel and vehicle interdiction including the proper use of K-9’s, what is consent and who can give it

- Case studies highlighting successes and failures of interdiction

- How to set up a hotel interdiction program, and utilizing hotel sources of information/informants

A proven method to consistently obtain valid consent to search a violator's vehicle or hotel room...EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THEY'RE HIDING SOMETHING

*This course is approved by the MN POST Board*

When: January 17th, 2020

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