Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor (Fall 2020)

Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor (Fall 2020)


Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor Certification

(Fall 2020)

The Midwest Tactical Systems’ Vascular Neck Restraint instructor certification course was designed to safely, quickly and reliably control combative subjects for law enforcement and corrections personnel.

With an 85% effective rate in dealing with combative subjects on the street; our VNR system is proven to be the most tactically sound, medically endorsed and legally defensible law enforcement neck restraint system in use.

The course is filled with street tested control techniques and a scientific approach to creating the most effective instructors.

Course Topics Include:

  • Historical, legal, medical & current political issues surrounding LE Neck Restraints 
  • Control based, systematic approach to arrest & control tactics
  • Tactical applications & proper escapes from neck restraints
  • Instructor development training to assist the instructor in teaching several types of adult learners

Where: TBD

When: October 7-9, 2020

Cost: 450.00 

*This course is approved by the MN POST Board*

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