I was recently fortunate to attend the Midwest Tactical Systems, Arrest and Control Instructor course in Eagan, MN.  To say that this course and the instructors where the best,is an understatement!  I have been in the defensive tactics arena for 40 years and rarely have I seen the quality of lesson planning, teach backs, instructor knowledge and instructors considerations in the many courses I have attended over my year of service.

Any instructor who is looking at boosting their own  level of competence as well as their defensive tactics knowledge base, really needs to explore this company!.

Steven P Kovacic
Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor
Hibbing Community College Law Enforcement Program
35 year LEO


“It was a great course run at the perfect pace for those new and old instructors by trainers with vast experience in and out of law enforcement. The techniques were explained and demonstrated so that any person can understand and learn them no matter the experience level. Having taken multiple Use of Force courses in Law enforcement and during my career in the Marine Corps, I would recommend this course to not just Use of Force instructors but to any Officer wanting to have an edge over an aggressor. Thank you for the experience.” 

Officer/Instructor J. Jimenez - Burnsville Police Department