Head Instructor
Cullan McHarg
Founder of Midwest Tactical Systems, Sergeant Cullan McHarg, Has been a lifelong martial arts and combat sports practitioner. Cullan has been a police officer since 2002 with the Bloomington Police Department in Minnesota. As a patrol officer, he learned the vast difference between sport fighting and street confrontations. Cullan attended various training seminars, schools, and courses that specifically focused on combative street encounters, as they apply to law enforcement, in order to gain tactical proficiency in his trade. In addition to his on-going tactical training, Cullan is black belt at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Minnesota, under Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt Damian Hirtz.
Cullan has  extensive experience in investigations, working primarily narcotics and gang cases. He spent eight years working narcotics before transferring to the property crimes division, where he worked burglary and arson cases. 
Cullan has over a decade of professional teaching experience in law enforcement with respect to use of force/combatives, as well as, drug interdiction and gang intelligence. Based on his experience and commitment to training, Cullan has assisted in developing several programs for law enforcement and the private sector, with regards to use of force/combatives and criminal interdiction. He is a certified Force Science Analyst and the sole founder of the Midwest Tactical Systems LLC.

Associate Instructors:

Max Yakovlev

Max is a Sergeant with the Burnsville Police Department where he has worked for the past seventeen years.  He is a SWAT team leader for Burnsville PD. Use of Force program.  Max is also one of two lead instructors for the Combatives Program at the Rasmussen College of Law Enforcement.  Max has been assigned to Patrol Operations, Gang and Criminal Investigations, as a Tactical Officer on SWAT, and is currently assigned as a patrol shift Sergeant / Supervisor. Max has extensive experience in all areas of police operations and is currently an adjunct instructor for Rasmussen College’s Use of Force Skills training program. He is a graduate of NTOA college (level I). In addition to being a certified Force Science Analyst, Max is a certified instructor in the following disciplines: Tactical Operations, handgun & patrol rifle, Use of Force, Combatives and Ground Fighting, Taser, ASP Baton, ASR (Aerosol Subject Restraint), Weapon Retention, Reality Based Training, Vascular Neck Restraint,  LOCKUP and Revolution Ground Combative system (levels I & II). In addition, Max is a brown belt at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Minnesota, under Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt Damian Hirtz.

Joshua Flynn

Josh is a police officer with the Lakeville Police Department and has 11 years of experience in law enforcement having worked previously as a police officer with the Springfield Missouri Police Department. Josh has experience as a Major Crime Investigator, Special Response Team Operator, and as a Detective investigating property crime. Josh is currently working as a patrol officer and is part of the Crime Scene Unit as well as part of the South Metro SWAT Crisis Negotiations Team. Josh is a black belt at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Minnesota, under Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Damian Hirtz.

Tom Maloney
Bloomington Police Sergeant and former DEA Task Force Officer, Tom Maloney has seventeen years of experience with the City of Bloomington, MN Police Department. Sergeant Maloney was assigned to the BPD Narcotics Unit in 2008 and was responsible for investigation of State level narcotics and vice crimes. In 2013, Sergeant Maloney was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Task Force Officer with Enforcement Group 71 and currently serves in that capacity. Sergeant Maloney has conducted hundreds of Hotel/Motel interdiction details that have resulted in the seizures of significant quantities of drugs and drug proceeds. He has conducted annual training for Bloomington Police Department in Hotel/Motel Interdiction for the past several years and has taught Hotel/Motel Interdiction courses at DEA in Minnesota and North Dakota, as well as, for the Minnesota State Patrol and the State of Iowa Narcotics Investigators Association.